Presentation Properties

  1. Even though we are not having concurrent sessions, we intend to adhere strictly to our schedule.
  2. Please make certain your entire presentation fits into its 20 minute time slot. We encourage you to leave at least 3 minutes for questions from the audience, so your actual talk should last no longer than 17 minutes (shoot for 15 minutes).
  3. All presentations must be prepared for display with Microsoft PowerPoint from Office 2010 (PC Version only). Using this version will ensure that fonts, animation, and transition selections will display and function properly.
  4. Prepare your slideshow with a monitor/screen resolution of 1024 x 768. This will ensure that text will not extend off of the screen when displayed. This often happens when slides are developed at a higher resolution than is supported by the projector.
  5. Check the program and name your talk file with the first author’s LAST NAME and FIRST INITIAL (BDugger) then underscore “_” and your SESSION number (S1 – S6).S1 = Contributed Paper Session 1
    S2 = Contributed Paper Session 2
    S3 = Contributed Paper Session 3
    S4 = Contributed Paper Session 4
    S5 = Contributed Paper Session 5
    S6 = Contributed Paper Session 6
    S7 = Contributed Paper Session 7Here is an example for Session 2: BDugger_S2.ppt.
  6. Pick your background and font colors so they can easily be seen in a room that is not fully darkened. Large dark font on white background is best.
  7. Avoid over populated slides with too many words. Bulleted points are encouraged.
  8. To avoid potential conflicts with fonts, we suggest you use Arial.
  9. Make certain all Tables are easily readable by the audience. Avoid Tables including large amounts of data and statistics.
  10. Make certain any Equations are presented in a sufficiently large font to be readable by the audience.

Presentation Submissions

It would be most helpful to the conference organizers if you load your presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010) onto jump drives and loaded onto the conference laptop prior to your presentation.

Pre-viewing Presentations & AV Equipment at NAAG:

  • There is a need to briefly familiarize each of you with the AV equipment. Presenters for the day should arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the start of their sessions.